Are you one of those people who is always gawking at vast and shredded fitness influencers? You might think that to get that kind of body, and it would take years of working out. However, there are ways to become more muscular faster. Here are some of those ways.

girl doing hurdlesHigh-Intensity Workout

If you want protruding muscles and a large build, yoga isn’t going to do it for you. Neither will pilates, barre, or any other kind of low-intensity workout. You shouldn’t look for exercises that aim to tone your body. Instead, you should go for high-intensity workouts. These workouts include heavy weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, sledgehammer workouts, martial arts, circuit training, boxing, etc. And the best part is, it’s not that expensive.

You only need to invest in a punching bag and boxing gloves, for example, and you can find every instruction about boxing online. Or, you could also invest in a pair of weights, and start weightlifting at home. If you want to spend more, you can hire trainers or take high-intensity workout classes. Workout every day for a minimum of four hours, and you’ll get that shredded body in no time.

salmon mealProtein Packed Diet

Diet is one of the most critical parts of building your muscles. After you work out, for example, your muscles are torn. It is wounded, and when it is fixed, it will be larger. That is how the more massive build is formed. Protein is a very energizing nutrient, and it will also help to repair the muscle tissues. This is what you should consume in a high amount every day. You should aim for a lot of protein, a side of vegetables, and a little carbohydrate, fat, and sugar. Never starve yourself, instead, train yourself to eat more protein throughout the day. This is why fitness influencers rave about eating eggs, chicken, salmon, tofu, and tempeh. They are all very high in protein.

Protein Shakes

You might think that protein shakes are all a bluff, and it won’t help at all, but it does. After your work out, it is best to keep yourself from consuming complex foods that are hard to digest. Protein shakes are very easy to digest and can fix your muscles very fastly. Moreover, they are usually tasty and very easy to make.

There are plenty of recipes online if you want to know which combination tastes good. Then, add a binding agent such as almond milk and honey. Finally, pour your protein shake in a bottle and have it ready to go for you to consume after your work out.