Surely, sickness is not something that anyone would wish upon themselves. But we can only do so much to prevent bad things to happen. Life is unpredictable, and no one has a hundred percent control over it. Sometimes you must learn to let go of all the thoughts that stress you out and just accept whatever life throw in your way.

Someone that is going through an illness can grow a much dislike feeling for their body that turns into hate. Enduring through the pain is already a lot, and your body does not need any more negativity than that. When you feel frustrated and mad at yourself, know that it is going to be okay, and you have to remember to give it some love.

What you need to remember about your body

cozyThrough thick and thin, your hands, arms, legs, eyes, mouth, nose, and every part of you have been there for you. It may seem strange to think that you should see them as an individual before seeing them as a whole but bear with me. Any function that your body can do is the result of teamwork from your organs that are made of cell network and hundreds of molecules. They are a living thing, and you need to be friends with it. Send only love and positivity if you wish for them to love you back.

Take things slow

girlNo change can happen overnight. Everything is a process that you must go through, and you need to take things slow, so you don’t get frustrated with yourself. Start small with blocking any negative thoughts about your body, and not think about how you are sick. Focus on many other things in life that you have interest in, and slowly you can start to try and project positive feelings towards your body.

Get in touch with it

love yourselfYour arms have helped you to touch and hug your loved ones and do amazing things that you could not have done without them. Remember that your legs have gotten you to many places, and let you arrive at wherever you are at this moment. Do yoga, cardio, run, and exercise in any form that makes your comfortable the most so you can feel each of your body parts that needs your attention and appreciation.

Mental state

The most challenging part is to have the right mental state. A human is an act of balance. You can’t expect yourself to be positive all the time, but negativity will not take you further in live. Meditate and talk to someone if you need help to figure the mental state that you need to be in.