Many people underlook oral health.  Several problems relating to our oral health are often temporary. For instance, bad breath can occur as a result of eating spicy food. Blisters and mouth sores can result from consuming pizza that has very hot cheese as the topping. While the issues mentioned are mere, other changes in your mouth should be alarming.

Often, we get the advice to have regular dental checkups at least twice in a year. But this happens to be among the most ignored health tips. Below are indications you should visit your dentist.


As soon as you notice a severe toothache, kindly contact your dentist. If you choose to ignore such pain, the situation is likely to get worse. Make sure to contact your dentist for an appointment as soon as you identify such pains.

Jaw Pain

Several reasons can lead to getting an aching jaw. For instance, a serious toothache, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), teeth grinding, and sinus issues can cause jaw pain. TMJ occurs when the jaw muscles and joints are not functioning as they should. Depending on your dentist’s findings, he/she will refer you to a throat, nose, or ear specialist.

Bad Breath

Short term bad breath is due to eating and drinking spicy things. Most of the time, there is no cause for alarm. However, if the bad breath doesn’t seem to fade away, consider visiting your dentist. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, brush twice a day to reduce the bad breath.

Bleeding Gums

Gums can start bleeding as a result of hard brushing or maybe signs of gum disease. If you are using a new flossing method bleeding once in a while shouldn’t scare you. Nonetheless, if you experience regular bleeding, visit your dentist for clarification and help.

Cracked Teeth

Visiting a dental clinic will help identify cracks in your teeth. Hairline cracks are often invisible to the naked eye and become painful if not treated. If you experience pain when eating or chewing, book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Mouth Sores

When it comes to sores around the mouth, cold and canker sores disappear after some time. Nonetheless, mouth sores can signify the presence of fungus, viruses, or infections, thus shouldn’t be ignored. If you chew tobacco regularly, you are likely to get white patches on the inside of your gum, tongues, and cheeks.

From the details above, you can tell that some of these symptoms are easy to overlook. This is the main reason it is important to get checked at least once every six months.