Causes of Insomnia

Sleep is a reset button between days when the mind and body get a chance to recharge and get ready for the next day. Unfortunately, some people are usually unable to fall asleep naturally, which often takes a toll on their well-being. Without adequate sleep, you will be prone to the effects of a weak immune system, less alert, and irritable.

Insomnia is blamed on many things, such as stress and anxiety. In such instances, this situation can be remedied with medicine, cbd for insomnia, or lifestyle adjustments. Before advancing any treatments, it is imperative to understand what is causing you not to sleep at night. Here are some common causes of insomnia today.

Poor Sleep Hygiene

poor sleeping habit

Your sleeping habits have a direct effect on your ability to sleep. For instance, taking alcohol right before going to bed can interfere with your sleeping patterns. Other contributors to poor sleeping hygiene include taking coffee, poor lighting, and glowing gadgets that can affect your ability to fall asleep or maintain a restful night’s sleep.

Reliance on Sleeping Pills

Most people struggling with insomnia tend to turn to sleep pills. Ironically, these pills could usher you to a life troubled by insomnia as the body quickly becomes dependent on these medications. Medication practitioners recommend that sleeping pills should be the last resort when struggling with poor sleeping habits.

Poor Sleeping Environment

Sleeping in a poor environment can be a recipe for insomnia. Sleeping in a noisy environment, for instance, can greatly hurt your ability to sleep. Poor lighting and inadequate airflow are other possible causes of poor sleeping patterns.

Psychiatric Illnesses

Insomnia is one of the symptoms that accompany mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. If you feel overwhelmed, your mind fails to turn off far enough to get a restful night. You might also find it co-occurring with other symptoms such as change of appetite and moods for psychiatric illnesses.


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It is well known that people require less sleep or fail to sleep as they get older. Some people might be comfortable with five or six hours of sleep, which is not a huge concern. But if you are unable to sleep for long hours, the chances are that you might be dealing with insomnia.

Instead of forcing yourself to sleep more when you are unable to sleep, you need to find a solution to your problems. Alternative treatments such as CBD oils and lifestyle adjustments might help you sleep better.